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SEO & Funnel Analysis

BMW Roma Store is the second hand car and motorcycle e-commerce managed by BMW Roma Srl. With more than 250 online vehicles, the portal allows to buy cars and motorcycles in just a few clicks and a lot of advantages and promotions.

Since ever, BMW is focused on the technological developments and with this project is ready to ride the online car sales market. To over a year since the website launch, BMW is interested in analysing the main activities that could improve the sales performance and lead generation.


Trice has developed for BMW Roma an extensive study of the website marketing funnel. The Funnel Analysis is the operation that reconstructs the user journey, from user’s website knowledge to the possibile conversion, in order to analyze where users close the site and how optimize the users retention.


The analysis was carried out following three macro operational steps. In the preliminary analysis phases, the company key people have been interviewed in order to better understand the initiative’s aim, features and goals; a brief market study has been developed to realize how other direct competitor are moving; specific monitoring tools have been preparaed and installed on the platform.

The second step – Reach Analysis – has allowed to analyze the platform’s diffusion grade and the access mode of the target through: a complete website’s SEO analysis, a SEM Analysis of the campaigns carried out in previous months by BMW Rome, a complete analysis of the Analytics data present, an anylisis of the BMW Roma social media presence, the user personas definition.

In the last step- Interaction Analysis – it has been analyzed how the conversion takes place(or not) and which are the blocking elements of the process through: a complete analysis of the conversion data Analytics present, an analysis of the heatmapping data collected, a usability focus group/website conversion attitude.


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