A virtual assistant to configure your car.

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Since its founding, Ford has stood out for quality, technology and a spirit of innovation. A philosophy that continues to guide the company which, day after day, consolidates its leadership in the production of cars suitable for multiple markets and targets, offering a wide range of cars and commercial vehicles to meet every need.


With the launch of the new Edge, Ford wanted to provide its customers with an original Product Discovery path. With the help of a Virtual Assistant, able to compare the characteristics and performance of the vehicles, users had to be guided in choosing the model that best suits their needs, habits and driving style.


To meet the proposed need, Trice has implemented a latest generation chatbot aimed at simplifying each phase of the purchasing process. Based on an innovative machine learning software, the chatbot guarantees direct interaction with the user using natural language and generating, through a flow of detailed questions, a precise profile of their needs. This has been an important advantage both for the user, who can simplify the purchasing experience, but also for the company, given the growth in the conversion rate.


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