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IMC Holding, which is a point of reference for urban and corporate photovoltaics in Italy, has entrusted Trice with the data enrichment project for the creation of an estimator capable of simulating, for buyers, the monthly installment, bill savings and economic advantages of batteries.

It is both a quantitative and a qualitative project. In fact, we have validated, enriched and optimized the company’s data by creating a complete and efficient database. This has allowed us to create an accurate and highly personalized estimator, capable of returning the best offer for the supply of electricity with photovoltaic systems.

The development also involved the creation of a responsive landing page, with particular attention to UX and UI to ensure smooth and intuitive navigation.

Data enrichment

Thanks to the efficiency of the data present in the company databases, we have enriched the information by correcting typos, eliminating duplicates and eliminating obsolescence in the first level databases.

The intervention was fundamental in transforming data into added value and making it useful for the creation of strategic levers in the provision of additional services for consumers. Data cleaning not only helps to innovate business processes and the services offered, but also guarantees a tangible competitive advantage in your reference market.

More than just a calculator

Following the stabilization of the database, we have laid the foundations for the development of the front-end project. We started from the study of market trends and quantitative analysis to accurately design user personas and define user journey.

The realization of the concept was carried out by the design unit, through the creation of the first mockups which then led to the creation of the first prototypes, through which it was possible to simulate the experience of using the product.

From the tests carried out, we have optimized the final product at UX / UI level and integrated the Google API for the creation of an interactive map, which geolocates the user and determines the most favorable orientation for the installation of the photovoltaic system.

From this work the Simple Photovoltaic simulator was born, an easy and intuitive tool capable of returning accurate forecasts on savings and earnings thanks to the adoption of the Simple Photovoltaic Kit.

The estimate is based on the mix of data summarized by the Web App and provides a real financial energy analysis capable of providing end consumers with the percentage range of reduction of energy costs with the IMC Holding efficiency system.


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