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Leading company in the industry of motorcycle exhaust, LeoVince has entrusted us with its e-commerce with the aim to penetrate the American and Australian market through a multichannel advertising.

Our Analysis

As a first step, we made an accurate and extensive target analysis in order to understand its desires and needs. In this way, it has been possible to assimilate the typical biker’s slang and tastes.

The market analysis has allowed us to identify both the gaps in the users request and those in the competitors. Through this analysis we were able to understand the strenghts point of the LeoVince Brand, valorizing and adapting them to the field’s requirements.

Content First

The Digital Strategy has been focused on contents in order to realize an engaging content creation for the target. Sound was used as the main lever to engange the users. The contents have been adapted to every phase of the conversion process on both Meta Ads and Google Ads. Meta, through Facebook and Instagram social platform, has been used with the purpose of catching the latent demand, while Google for the conscious one of users ready to purchase.

Trice’s work for LeoVince has gained excellent results concerning increases in website visits, brand awareness, ROI and sales volume.

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