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We delve into the heart of B2B with Phygiwork, for whom we have designed an integrated strategy of brand awareness and lead generation to strengthen brand recognition and maximize service conversions.

Phygiwork is a company specialized in facility services solutions, both in-person and remote, capable of guiding businesses towards innovative work methods aimed at cost-efficiency and enabling the secret ingredient for successful enterprises: work-life balance.

In a highly competitive and rapidly evolving market, such as workspace solutions, we have developed a media strategy focused on conversions that can capture the demand from the business sector and generate quality leads.

Business objectives with Phygiwork

Phygiwork was not just looking for an increase in leads but qualitative growth. They wanted leads that could translate into long-lasting business relationships, focusing on two types of contracts: temporary for events and conferences and medium-to-long-term for offices.

The goal was to attract companies in search of innovative workspaces with distinctly customizable spaces and all-inclusive features, thus ensuring highly qualified leads. Phygiwork aimed to diversify its offerings, from short-term contracts for events to longer contracts for offices, striving to build a resilient and diversified client portfolio.

In summary, the challenge was to generate high-quality leads and ensure contractual diversification, reflecting the needs of an ever-evolving market.


AS-IS analysis

In the initial phase of our collaboration with Phygiwork, we conducted a comprehensive “AS-IS” analysis to capture and assess their current market and digital presence. This phase included market quantitative research, search volumes, website traffic, and keywords relevant to the services offered. We also examined major competitors and conducted a SWOT Analysis to understand Phygiwork’s market positioning.


From AS-IS to TO-BE

After outlining the “AS-IS” scenario, our goal was clearly defined: implementing a digital strategy to increase both brand awareness and the generation of qualified leads. With this vision, we began shaping the “TO-BE”, designing result-oriented strategic paths, highlighting pain points to address, and defining specific goals to achieve. In terms of brand awareness, this translated into a +630% increase in target audience coverage, a +149% increase in website traffic, and a +70% increase in engagement rate.

Generating quality leads

Thanks to the collective work of our team, we have improved the established brand awareness with the activation of conversion advertising, valuing Phygiwork’s individual services through dedicated funnels.

The strategic channels identified for the project are primarily Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, on which lead-generation campaigns have been implemented with optimized bidding strategies to reach the target audience (+188,256) and generate more leads (+72) for offices located in the Lazio region.

The ability to capture the conscious demand, which included leveraging niche keywords and decision-makers through communicative angles capable of correctly segmenting the audience, has allowed for efficient advertising spending and the generation of quality leads.

The Click-Through Rate (CTR) achieved by the advertising campaigns has also exceeded the global average for the business services sector on Google Ads by +8%, demonstrating the efficiency of the ads in the user conversion process. This result was also achieved thanks to the implementation of vertical landing pages on office spaces and workspace solutions.



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