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The Polisportiva Ars et Labor (S.P.A.L.), one of the most prestigious football representatives of Ferrara’s enchanting city, entrusted Trice to develop the new brand design & content creation strategy and design the UI / UX of the new website and company’s e-shop.

Enhancement of brand, recognition of contents and increase in engagement were the main objectives of the new strategy implemented for S.P.A.L. We therefore started from detailed market, competitor and brand analyses, assisting quantitative and qualitative surveys capable of returning a complete picture of the AS-IS to identify the touch points of the new TO-BE.

The design of an effective brand identity is essential to create a winning communication strategy capable of positioning the company’s restyling in the football market, differentiating brand from other teams and actively involving fans in the renewal process.

AS-IS & Focus group

Starting from brand, target, market and competitor analysis, we expanded the discovery phase with the organization of a focus group, to obtain a complete overview – quantitative but above all qualitative – of football team’s AS-IS.

We took care of structuring and organizing an interview with a selected group of supporters, to whom the moderator of the sessions asked a list of previously established questions, directing the attention of participants to the fulcrum of the debate. In doing so, we investigated opinions, considerations and attitudes of the fans.

The objective of activity was to understand communication skills of the brand, perception of the tone of voice and effectiveness of the visual symbolism in transmitting its values. From the definition of current brand identity we have outlined principles and guidelines for the creation of new brand identity.

A new digital experience

Intertwining precise research, structured strategy and cutting-edge design has allowed us to create a complete and effective brand. The visual realization of the strategy, developed by our unit design, has translated brand values into practical and versatile solutions in the use of elements.

In fact, within new brand kit we have envisaged use of the monochromatic version of the logo, from which redundant and monotonous elements have been subtracted, adopted a modern color palette with a strong character and used a hierarchy of fonts that returning a functional and coherent visual language.

Going through the touch points of fans’ customer journey, we then redesigned S.P.A.L. website digital experience and its related eShop, both for User Interface (UI) and for User Experience (UX).

The design then moved on to identifying new content strategy to offer a completely innovative digital experience to fans of Ferrara team. Finally, we have prepared roll-out planning on web and social channels as the new season approaches.


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