Straight to the finish line to clinch the social regatta.

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Let’s row together with the Italian Rowing Federation, known as FIC, in digital regatta camps, where we have consolidated FIC’s social presence, reached new fans and gained the loyalty of supporters who have been populating sporting events and backing athletes since 1888.

The project saw us at the forefront with brand awareness, content strategy and social media management activities for Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and TikTok channels. We started with a historical analysis of the brand and digital ecosystems by delving into engagement metrics, target audiences and industry trends.

From the knowledge acquired, we then developed a diversified media strategy for each channel, defined editorial streams, and identified goals to achieve for each platform.

Social rowing

Rowing is a comprehensive sporting activity that trains all muscle groups while improving coordination, endurance and determination, encompassing a wide audience of athletes: from 6 years to over 80 years old. Beyond those who practice the sport daily, there is a wide audience of fans who support the athletes and the FIC every day.

To enhance a sport in which respect for the environment, teamwork and human values are the ultimate cornerstone, the media unit worked on implementing an organic social strategy capable of conveying these principles on digital channels as well.


Starting blocks

During the first phase of the project, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the FIC’s social identity by deploying the media unit’s analytical skills, technology toolbox and years of experience in social media. The research was based on quantitative and qualitative analysis with a focus on international benchmarking, brand perception, SWOT matrix and audience intelligence.


Starting whistle

Using advanced data mining tools and techniques , we identified target audiences, defined brand perception, and understood how audiences engage with specific rowing-related topics or events. Extrapolating valuable insights and identifying virtuous patterns allowed us to build a customized social media strategy that could lead the FIC to the finish line.

Record regatta

Just like in a rowing race, in full synergy with the Italian Rowing Federation team, we developed a trust-based storytelling, promoted deeper relationships with the audience, and distributed valuable content for Meta and TikTok channels.


The application of the conceptualized organic strategy, which was lacking in paid promotions, allowed us to achieve results that exceeded both the set goals and the industry averages of the Sports & Recreation industry, demonstrating the effectiveness of the actions implemented.

Thanks to the creation of dynamic content calibrated to a new narrative key, the FIC achieved a total coverage of 328,281 users such that it set new records in the specialty Engagement Rate of the social medalist. Compared to market averages in the Sports & Outdoors sector, on Facebook we achieved an ER of 2.31% (vs. 0.22%), on Instagram 8.16% (vs. 0.75%) and on TikTok 23.18% (vs. 2.15%).

Rowing at the goal


Offering an exclusive perspective on the behind-the-scenes moments, the daily lives of the athletes, including training and records won, and trivia about the sport, we reached an audience of 143 thousand users on Facebook. Content posted on the platform received a total of 2,879 reactions (+38.95%), 229 comments (+585.23%) and 220 shares (+212.73%) with an average ER of 2.31% (+952%).

The diversified storytelling carried out on Instagram has also enabled us to achieve ever-increasing results, month after month. In fact, in terms of coverage we reached more than 148 thousand users, who actively interacted with the content – 11,991 reactions (+6.11%), 74 comments (+218.99%), 32 shares (+16.67%) – denoting an average ER of 8.16% (+988%).


TikTok on a row


If the results achieved on Meta can be called significant, those achieved on TikTok are certainly remarkable. The unedited videos made for FIC reached 36 thousand people, who showed deep interest in the content strategy devised by recording an average ER of 23.18%. Here are some numbers of the metrics recorded during the social media management activity: 4,825 likes, 108 comments, 183 shares, 94 saves, 57,289 impressions, 2,121 profile views and 1,068 followers.

The Italian Rowing Federation’s journey from an initially nonexistent presence on TikTok to a successful case study is emblematic of how critical it is to plan a structured social strategy to build a vibrant and engaged community.


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