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Verisure, the No. 1 company in Italy and Europe in the protection of homes, people and commercial activities with more than 4.7 million customers worldwide, has entrusted Trice with the design and implementation of a proprietary platform for the management of its corporate fleet consisting of around 1,000 cars.

The project envisaged the integration with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for data exchange with the accounting and administrative departments and the final release of the fleet management tool.

Our solution has led to greater flexibility, sustainability and safety in Verisure’s fleet management department. In less than four months from the adoption of the tool, Monica Scalcione – Fleet, Mobility & General Services in Verisure – also highlighted the opportunity to have complete control of costs.

In addition to the tangible benefits encountered, the creation of the fleet software has eliminated the risk of error – inherent in the manual management of advanced excel files generated in house – and introduced data consistency checks and alert mechanisms for constant verification of correct data matching.

Step by step

Verisure Italia is a company in strong growth and territorial expansion. With a rate of about 300 new hires per year, the company is now present in 14 regions of Italy and has more than 2,200 professionals, of which more than 1,000 Security Experts are always on the move in order to respond to customer installation requests. 

The initial phase of the project, therefore, envisaged a preliminary vertical analysis activity, grounding of the milestones and in-depth analysis of the necessary functional specifications. From these assumptions, we continued the executive activities until we reached the end of operations with the platform configuration released following the tests carried out in the testing environment.

In the first phase of the fleet tool we provided for the import of the historical data present in the customer database, the configuration of management workflows and the creation of: dashboards containing specific modules connected to the configured user profiling, personal data section for managing users, groups and profile.

In the following steps, thanks to our PHP and MySQL application development experts and Apache and MySQL system engineers, we worked on the evolutionary development of the platform by integrating new features.

An articulated and complex project, with which we have put Trice’s technical and design skills into play in the creation of the proprietary application and in the approach to project governance. In all the phases that make up the deliverables, we have also planned vertical training sessions and on-the-job training for Verisure personnel, in addition to the delivery of user manuals.

Tailor-made innovation

To make the management of a fleet of around 1,000 cars used in Italy smart, mainly in mixed cycle on urban and extra-urban roads, and to facilitate individual vehicle management, we have implemented an information and notification system capable of enabling timely communication between the administration and the users of the vehicles.

The design tailoring also stood out in the application development of the personalized module which makes it possible to verify opportunities inherent in the renegotiation of contracts near their expiry and the possibility of predicting the expected mileage.

In line with the needs expressed by Verisure, our proposal to develop a tailored software solution was successful both in operational-management and economic terms.

The customization of the fleet tool, unlike the standard solutions currently on the market, fully meets the specific management and control needs of the company car fleet and sets no limits to possible future improvements. Thanks to the flexibility of the framework used, we are already working on the roll-out of the fleet management tool for Verisure’s foreign offices.

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